Near Death Experience Produces Extraordinary New Backpack

ME2 Packs Founder Candace Spears notes on the company website, the ME2 is the only pack on the market without shoulder straps. An unusual feature, one you might not think much about until you meet Spears.

At PCT Days this year, she revealed the reason she created this innovative pack.

“I was nearly killed — I actually died and I was brought back — in a river accident,” she said. Her neck and back are now fused with titanium, making it impossible for her to carry weight that presses down on her spine, neck and shoulders. The ME2 allows her to continue her beloved days in the outdoors with her husband.

I was attracted because a good friend of mine with arthritis in his neck and back can no longer carry a traditional backpack, so we can no longer backpack together.

Spears’ invention might have changed all that. Did I mention the pack is only 2 pounds, 4 ounces, definitely in the light backpacking category. I tried it on. As someone who hates a lot of weight on my shoulders — especially on long hikes — the ME2 is a wonder.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

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