Best Apple iPhone Apps for GPS-Led Adventures

I’ve experimented the past few years with all kinds of electronic gadgets I thought I might make good trail companions.

The iPod nano was a favorite: a little more than an ounce with a video camera and music. My iPhone 3 offered books to read after dark. Then my iPhone 4 provided the total package of still camera, video camera, books and Apps to guide you in the wilderness. Battery life is an issue, but now they’ve got solar chargers.

With all the interest in smart phones, it’s no wonder Backpacker Magazine’s Fall/Winter Gear Guide 2011 features “the three best hiking Apps” for iPhone (all three are made for the iPhone, one for the iPad and one for Android). I own an iPad2, but can’t see myself carrying it into the wilderness — too much weight and too expensive to replace if is gets dropped.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.