Extra Trail Shoes for Ultralight Backpackers

My hiking shoes are waterproof Keen “tennis” shoes. But after walking across too many streams barefoot on sharp rocks — and an achilles injury from new boots — I decided to carry a second pair of shoes. Extra shoes, of course, means extra weight. This video shoes three alternatives. I encourage you to share other options with my readers.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

One thought on “Extra Trail Shoes for Ultralight Backpackers

  1. Some other suggestions:
    Flip flops from the 99 cent store. Cheap, very light, just ok for some stream crossings.
    Flojos. They have a website and you can still find them in some stores. The heel strap keeps them on well and you can easily wear them with socks.
    Canvas Vans shoes. heavy in that a pair will add about two pounds but they are great for streams and camp, dry quickly and can be a second set of trail shoes just in case.
    There are of course more expensive choices like the plastic sandals and lightweight running shoes. Let your budget, safety and comfort be your guide!

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