Cache Creek Rained Out and a New Destination

Our Cache Creek Wilderness backpack got rained out. So, he stayed close to home (five miles) and did a six-mile hike from the pygmy forest at California’s Van Damme State to the ocean. The route took us through through a misty, drizzling canyon of ferns and redwoods. An amazing hike as you can see from the videos. One of my trail companions, Wild Bill, who accompanied me on the trip,  considered how many times we had driven five or six hours to get to a place like this. And we wondered why.Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

The Ultra, Ultralight iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation

Your favorite music to help you sleep or to give you inspiration during an uphill slog can be a welcome backpacking companion.  As long as it doesn’t add a lot of weight.The new iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation weighs all of .38 ounces — that’s right, just a tad over one-third of 1 ounce. Holds 1,000 songs with a 10-hour battery. Only 1.8 inches tall and .7 inches thick. And, only 79 bucks. I can’t think of a better trail companion.Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.