You’ve Got One Trip Left: Go Wild in Snow Mountain Wilderness

When I say go wild, I mean get out where no one else goes. I’ll soon be heading out to the Snow Mountain Wilderness, which even at around 6,500 feet, feels like the Sierra and has views to the ocean on the west. It’s located north of California Highway 20 and is sandwiched between Interstate 5 and Highway 101. My first trip there was June of 1997 — my second backpack. With beautiful fall weather (70’s in day and 40’s at night) predicted — an 50+ backpacks under my belt, I can wait to go back. Most backpackers have mothballed their gear for the winter. But October and sometimes even November in Northern California can have perfect backpacking weather. Back to going wild: we expect to see no one else on this trip. Some other wilderness suggestions: Yolla Bolly, Cache Creek, Marble Mountains and Canyon Creek Trail in the Trinity Alps (look out for hunters). Evem in peak season, you’ll see few if any backpackers on the trails.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.