An Anniversary of Sorts – 234 Posts, 2 Years

My wife, Gerry, asked me today when I had launched I couldn’t recall. A little research, however, revealed I made my first “welcome” post on June 17, 2006 — two years and one month ago. During that time, I’ve had more than 30,000 visitors who logged 80,000+ page views. This year, the site is attracting upwards of 3,000 unique visitors per month. It’s modest by most measures. But I feel good that I’ve made some small contribution to the world of ultralight backpacking. Hope you’ll keep reading and tell others about this blogspot.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

Sad, But True: No Campfires in California This Summer

As my friends and I stood and watched an unusual storm over the Pacific Ocean on June 20 — namely thunder and lightning on the California North Coast — we weren’t too concerned about it causing harm. Celebrating a friends birthday, we WERE amazed and surprised because it is so rare where we live. The next morning, however, we had a different feeling — one of dread — when it was still lightning and thundering, but now over the forests in the east. Continue reading

First Aid: New Skin Liquid Bandage

new-skin.JPGA must in every ultralight backpack is some form of first aid. I usually take duct tape (you can use to make a liquid in a 1.5 ounce and 2 3/4 inch high bottle (heavy compared with Bandaids) that you brush on: NEW SKIN LIQUID BANDAGE BOTTLE. In less than a minute the New Skin fluid dries and you’ve got a nice seal that covers the wound and keeps out the dirt. I’ve used it several times on the trail. Mind you, it’s only for minor wounds. The bottle says don’t use on large areas or burns. A bottle will last for several seasons and eliminates wasted paper and plastic associated with Bandaids.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.