Corn Spork – Good for Oatmeal, But Not Pasta

field-test.gifI discovered a “green” spork (combination fork and knife) made of corn, totally biodegradable and about a half ounce. In our recent trip into the Granite Chief Wilderness, ultralight backpacking companion Wild Bill and I ate two breakfasts and two dinners with the corn sporks. They were sturdy and held up to heat and washing. Our only complaint was that while digging into pasta, our hands got covered by smoked salmon and olive oil. A longer fork would have been better. At the same time, the short handle worked fine for oatmeal. I suppose getting your hands into your food is not a bad thing, but as much as you clean your hands outdoors, constant handling of gear and wood and other stuff makes you want to keep your food and hands separate. Okay, a little dirt never hurt anyone. But the “Light My Fire Spork” is more functional and nearly as light.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

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