It’s a Croc – Ultralight Water Shoes An “Optional” Essential

Pulling off your hiking shoes or boots to cross water is literally a pain. A pain in foot and toes. One solution: Crocs Beach Clog Sandals.

I jettisoned my heavy boots years ago, in favor of waterproof tennis shoes. But any water crossing more than a few inches deep requires you to unlace and walk barefoot. I’ve done this many times and I’m almost always sorry I don’t have sandals or water shoes of some kind to protect my feet. Slipping and sliding on rocks in a stream in bare feet can also result in pulled muscles, falls, and injury.

Although I had tried a couple of options, including surf booties, all were too heavy. Storm socks are an option at about 2-3 ounces, but don’t provide much protection. On the other hand, Crocs, those odd slip-ons with lots of holes drills in them, are only six ounces each, provide relief from trail shoes after a long day and can function as a second pair of hiking shoes if necessary.

I think the comfort and safety benefits make them worth the extra 12 ounces.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Croc – Ultralight Water Shoes An “Optional” Essential

  1. i have the off-roads (1 lb)…they have a little more grip, toe cap and an adjustable strap. they make great water crossing shoes and camp shoes.

  2. The knockoffs of Crocs can weigh about 2oz apiece – saving 10 oz overall! Plus, you end up saving about $10 on them, too.

    Got mine from a “dollar store”. They’re uberlight, and the soles will wear through quickly, but at $2/pair, when I only use them for crossings & padding around camp…

  3. I Love my Vibram Five Fingers, water shoes and double as really awesome rock climbers. The soles are like super glue on rocks.

    I got mine for $70 with free shipping, just by huntin for coupons from outdoor retailers that carry the Vibram brand.

    Really, I do love them. A lot.

  4. I’m planning a thru-hike of the PCT and trying to decide what to bring as a stream crossing and camp shoe.
    I have a $6 pair of water shoes that are great for both, but they’re very heavy at 17 oz. I’ll think I’ll either find a lighter pair of water shoes or get the Teva hurricane, which is about 8oz.

    I have the Vibram 5 fingers and thought about bringing those, but they’re tight and don’t breath well on the bottom, and I like my feet to air out as much as possible. Plus stream crossings are an opportunity to wash my feet, which wouldn’t happen with the 5 fingers. They are great for running though, and it is tempting to bring them so I can hike part of the way with them.

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