Rattlesnakes – Everywhere You Want to Be

I was just reading about Tom Mangan of Two-Heel Drive’s too-close-for-comfort brush with a rattlesnake. Take his tips to heart. Just today, I was working on a story for a hospital publication about snake bites and spoke to the mom of an 18-month-old who was bitten in September by a “baby rattler.” It took 17 vials of antivenom at $2,000 / vial and much therapy and intensive care in Bay Area emergency rooms and hospitals before he came through all in one piece. Best advice: take precautions and don’t try to kill a snake — that’s when most people get bitten.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

2 thoughts on “Rattlesnakes – Everywhere You Want to Be

  1. Baby rattlers are actually more dangerous than the full grown ones because they haven’t learned to control their venom yet. when you get bit by a baby you will likely get all their venom injected where as an adult can actually bite without injecting any.

    My grandma also got bit by a baby rattler.

  2. I just interviewed an ER doc about a little girl who was bitten by a baby rattler. Fourteen vials of anti-venom later — at $2,000 each — he was on the mend. Nothing to fool with to be sure.

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