Ultralight Backpacking Headlamp Built into Cap

LED CapI love gadgets. The latest, from a newspaper clipping my wife dropped on my desk, is a cap with four LED lights built in (sample at left has only two, but the Amazon.com version below has four). One of the reasons I became a ultralight backpacker, besides the weight reduction, was the elimination of stuff from my backpack. It would take many paragraphs to describe all the items I carried when I first started backpacking in 1998. Let me assure you, you can put huge amounts in a 5,800 cubic inch, 7.5 pound Dana Design Terraplane: 60 pounds or more, in fact. As they say, less is more.  Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

One thought on “Ultralight Backpacking Headlamp Built into Cap

  1. Another great way to achieve this if you have a Photon flashlight: if you attach velcro to the Photon and velcro to the brim of your hat, you can attach the Photon to the brim of the hat — like a headlamp but much much lighter.

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