Sierra Crossing: Tom Stienstra’s Adventure – Part 4

(08-08) 04:00 PDT Jeffrey Grove, Kern Canyon — From our perch on a boulder above the river, you could see three dark silhouettes in the pool below.
“They can’t be fish,” said my brother, Rambob, “because they’re too big.”
The morning light poured down over the Great Western Divide and to the floor of the Kern Canyon. On the forest floor, filtered sunbeams bored through the gnarled limbs of ancient Jeffrey pines. In the Kern River’s gin-clear flows, bubbles sparkled at the head of the pool, where a small riffle fed into a deep hole.
Rambob flicked out a cast, let his lure settle on the bottom, and …. read on

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

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