Make Your Backpack Light in 2007 – One of the “Ten Essentials”

The list of essentials seems to expand and contract, but conventional wisdom a long time ago figured out “must haves” for survival and / or comfort. One is a pocket knife.

If you’ve read any of my posts you know I big on looking for alternatives, especially lightweight or ultralight weight versions.

I have two beautiful Swiss Army Knives and love them. BUT they weigh four ounces each and I don’t need all the extras they offer. So I purchased for 99 cents a small knife with plastic handle I found in a clear plastic bin on the counter of my local hardware store. It was put there to be an impulse buy. But it’s been a trusty little friend, weighing a half ounce. Great for cutting cheese, salami, or cord.

Another gadget I’m adding to my “essentials” this year is a pair 3″ Deluxe Folding Scissors from Simplicity Pattern Company. Available in most drugstores, they weigh less than a half ounce and fold down tiny — about the size of two quarters.
A Ten Essentials
What are the other essentials?

Map, compass, flashlight / headlamp, extra food, extra clothes, sunglasses, first-aid kit, pocket knife, waterproof matches, firestarter.

Several sources say there are four more you should consider: water / filter / bottles, whistle, insect repellents or clothing, sunscreen.

Survival specialists say you’re most powerful survival weapon is common sense — it’s cheap (free) and weight-free.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

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