MSR Hubba 1-Person Tent – Lightweight with Easy Access

On my recent trip to visit a friend in Lake Shastina, in the shadow of Mt. Shasta, I checked out a couple of backpacking shops in the nearby town of Mt. Shasta. It’s a vibrant little community, which serves as a crossroads and supply station for hiking, backpacking and climbing.

In one shop I discovered the MSR Hubba Solo Fast & Light Tent one-person tent, a roomy shelter with a side entrance for easy entrance and exit.

In consulting the 2007 Backpacker Magazine Gear Guide, I found that it is listed as a “freestanding, dome 3-season tent with minimum weight of 2 pounds, 13 ounces” (which fits my definition — any tent 3 pounds or less–of lightweight).

In case you’ve forgotten, the minimum weight includes tent, fly and poles while packed weight refers to everything supplied, including tent, poles, stuff bags, pegs. Not sure why they wouldn’t include pegs. I guess if the tent is freestanding you could leave them at home, but that doesn’t seem advisable.

The tent peak is 40 inches. My own Sierra Design Light Year tent is 38 inches high and that allows me to barely sit up (I’m 5’10”). So 40 inches is better.

A nice added feature — which is also similar to my Light Year — is that you can use the “fast pack” mode and bring only the ground cloth and fly, which connect. Or just use the self-standing fly as a tarp. This is a good feature, allowing you to get tent weight under 2 pounds — like when the weather is warm, there are no bugs out and you only need minimum shelter.

Above, all else — whether you choose this tent or another — find one with a full side entrance. Getting in and out is so much better than backing in from the top.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

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