Personal Locator Beacon (PBL) Saves Climbers

In my last post I discusssed how a Personal Locator Beacon could be a life saver — if you are out by yourself or with a group and someone gets seriously injured, trapped by poor weather or gets lost in the wilderness.

The three climbers rescued from Mt. Hood on President’s Day credited their beacon with saving their lives.

Here’s the a bit of the Associated Press story this morning:

GOVERNMENT CAMP, Oregon (AP) — Thanks to a high-tech gadget and a warm dog, three climbers who were rescued from Mount Hood are expected to be fine.

They were found at about the 7,400-foot level on Monday and hiked down the mountain with their rescuers.

“I’m really glad they were there for us,” Matty Bryant, one of the three climbers, said of the rescue teams. “They did an incredible job. They were amazing.” (Watch the dog and rescued climbers after coming down the mountain )

Searchers credited the group’s rescue to two things — Velvet, a black Labrador mix dog who provided warmth as the three climbers huddled under sleeping bags and a tarp, and the activation of an emergency radio beacon the size of a sunglasses case that guided them to the group.

“The most important part of this rescue is that they did everything right,” said Lt. Nick Watt of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

The ACR – Aquafix Personal Locator Beacon with Internal GPS may be the best friend a lightweight backpacker ever had.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

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