Lightweight Soap – New Wrinkle on Backcountry Hygiene

My wife, Gerry, always keeps an eye out for new ultralight and lightweight backpacking gear and accessories.

Her latest find: Paper Soap For Clean Up On The Go, a .5 ounce container with 50 sheets of soap. There is also paper shampoo.

You pull out a sheet, add a tiny bit of water and you’ve got soap or shampoo.

Of course, you can get a tiny plastic bottle and add a small amount of liquid soap. But paper soap is a lot less messy.

Be light. Be safe. Be clean. Be one with the pack.

One thought on “Lightweight Soap – New Wrinkle on Backcountry Hygiene

  1. Nice!! I might just get some. I always had to carry that liquid biodegradable soap.. Its about time they dehydrate that.

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