Tips for Safe Winter Camping

With the death of the Mt. Hood climber (see my Dec. 17 post below), Backpacker Magazine’s article on winter camping safety is timely.

Expert tips for a safe, sound snow shelter

By Grace Carter, February 2007

We won’t lie to you: There will be cold moments when you start snow-camping. But would you rather sit inside all winter, packing on the pounds? Keep your connection to nature alive by embracing the good things about snow: It’s a great insulator and building material-and it’s damned pretty when it blankets the land. Here are 6 ways to make sure your winter camp is warm, comfortable, and protected from the elements.

Check out this link to learn more:,2646,10907,00.html.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Safe Winter Camping

  1. I am all for going as lightweight as possible, but being a well seasoned winter camper in the northwoods of Wisconsin where it an easily dip to -20 F, I think that comfort and safety trump lightweight travel.

    Too many times I tried to go lightweight and was rescued by my camp-mates who lent me gear that pulled me through a cold night.

    You don’t have to be far away from civilization for things to get dangerous and miserable outside in the winter. For winter camping, the best tool of all is experience and knowledge, but I would also say bring as much warmth with you as you can carry.

  2. Mike,

    Great suggestions. Like I say at the end of each post: Be Light. (BUT) Be safe. Be one with the pack. Too many people get ultralight crazy to their peril.

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