Mt. Hood Climber Found Dead – Elements Take the Best Prepared

No doubt most of you have read that one of the three climbers was found dead today (Sunday) on Mt. Hood. It’s really sad, not only because of the human tragedy involved, but also because once again Mother Nature demonstrates her power and even the most experienced outdoors men and women can fall victim to the elements.

What is the lesson to be learned? Is there a lesson?

Although they appeared to do everything right – left a note in the truck about their route, were experienced mountain climbers and reportedly had plenty of cold weather gear, etc. at least it didn’t help one of those up there. Let’s hope the other two are found safe.

I did hear early on that they were doing a one-day ascent and therefore went light on there gear. Did they check on the weather before they went?

Maybe the victim was just a victim of the elements, despite great preparation. But more often that not, human error is to blame for these tragedies and near tragedies.

Read Angels in the Wilderness: The True Story of One Woman’s Survival Against All Odds by Amy Racina or Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston (who cut off his forearm to survive) or check out the movie, Grizzly Man, or read Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster or Into the Wild to understand this phenomenon first hand.

The tales are heroic and maddening. They are stories of people who survived despite carelessness or stupid mistakes and those who died because of carelessness or stupid mistakes.

Let’s pray the other two Hood climbers survive.

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