Lightweight Lights – It Clips Onto Your Hat

My backpacking pal Wild Bill just purchased a new kind of headlamp — one that clips onto your hat. It’s called a Master Vision Cap Light. With batteries, only 1.24 ounces.

I’ve had others that clip on – single diode versions that were pretty powerful, but this one hooks right onto the bill of the hat and seems pretty sturdy. There are three diodes. The one linked above has three green lights, apparently great for reading maps or charts at night and will not “upset animals.” Hunters are the apparent target for this, but ultralight backpackers will like it, too.

Here is a description from the company:

The Master Vision Cap Light Hunter is the original Cap Light enhanced with very bright green lamps. This color allows colors to be distinguished on a map or chart, yet will not upset most animals.

“Like all Cap Light models, the Hunter is lightweight, compact, engineered to withstand extreme conditions and use, and powered by 4 lithium coin cell batteries for approximately 20 hours of ultra bright light from 3 LED bulbs with 10,000+ hours of burn time each. Water resistant. Attaches to cap for the most practical, hands-free light source available.”

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

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