Backpack Series: Under 10 Pounds

This is the second in a series of posts on backpacks that I consider either lightweight or ultralight.
Backpacking Gear List

As noted in my last post, I have two sets of base gear. Why?

I like gear and am constantly experimenting. And truth be told, I am also a little into comfort these days.

The Osprey Atmos 35 gives me more pockets and easier access. The Exped Downmat 7 is filled with down and provides excellent insulation from the cold ground. Ground insulation makes a huge difference in staying warm with a minimalist sleeping bag like the Western Mountaineering HighLite or any similar bag.

Base Set #2
Pack: OSPREY ATMOS 35 BACKPACK (size large) – 43 ounces (2#,11oz)
Tent: Light Year – 1-Person 3-Season Backpacking Tent – 43 ounces (2#, 11oz)
Sleeping Bag: Western Mountaineering® HighLite 35 Degree 850+ Down Sleeping Bag (35 degree) – 16 ounces (1#)
Sleeping Pad: Exped Downmat Sleeping Pad 7– 32 ounces (2#)
Base Total: 9 pounds, 6 ounces.

Considering my original base set 10 years ago was more than 20 pounds, this is not a bad start for someone who wants to become a lightweight backpacker. Because no two backpacks are alike and no two wilderness areas are the same, there is no reason not to have multiples of certain hiking gear, such as sleeping pads. For example, you could add a Gossamer sleeping pad to my list above in the place of the Exped and bring your base down to about 8 pounds. The choice all depends on the weather conditions.

Be safe. Be light. Be one with the pack.

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