Lightweight Light: Princeton Tec Impulse Review

Princeton Tec - Impulse 4, Blue LED, Translucent Blue Body

You can never be too lightweight. As a result, my quest for newer, lighter solutions to lighting my way at night, cooking after dark or reading in my tent never seems to end. My latest find is the Princeton Tec Impulse, at just .49 ounces (14 g) it is about at light as you’re going to get, rivaling one of my other personal favorites, the Photon Micro-Light, which weighs approximately the same, but doesn’t have as many features.

At this weight you can (dare I suggest this against the basic tenets of lightweight backpacking) buy two or three; put one on your back, another around your neck. The weight is negligible.

Clip It On

The light comes with two clips: one to clip the light on your hat or cap (a gate swivel for changing light angle) and another, a carabiner-type connector to attach to your pack.The single, very bright LED will last for an estimated 12-36 hours (according to the manufacturer; I’ve never actually tested that) and has a LED life of 10,000+ hours.

The five-position electronic switch system provides low, medium and high outputs, as well as two marking or emergency signal modes.

One problem with this light: it is so small it can get lost in your pack. Better to leave it in your essentials bag or clipped to your pack.

Be light. Be safe. Be one with the pack.

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