Titanium Esbit Wing Stove: Light As a Feather

Esbit Wing StoveHopefully my headline using "wing" and "feather" won't make you groan too much. I couldn't resist.

Over at BackpackingLight.com, I logged into The G Spot forum discussion on the lightest stoves and came across the recommendation for the Titanium Esbit Wing Stove, a mere .046 ounces.

Like its giant cousin (the 3 ounce Esbit Pocket stove), it works with a single Esbit hexamine tablet and is made specially for lightweight cooking cups. According to BackingpackingLight's notes, the microscopic wing stove does not "sacrifice the strength and stability required for cooking with 1 liter and larger pots."

I also discovered that you can make your own wing stove or buy one. Thru-hiker.com reports that the make-your-own version is only .3 ounces. You can see why it is so difficult to define "light" in lightweight.

While my posts advocate lightweight backpacking, I have offered up some comfort items, like the Exped down sleeping pad, that some ultralighters would scoff at (usually I warn you about such possible ridicule).

However, I also subscribe to the ultralight club and am constantly amazed at how dedicated the ultralighters are at cutting everything back to almost nothing.

Be safe. Be light. Be one with the pack. 

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