Lightweight Light: Photon Micro-Light II Review

Photon Micro-Light II, Key Ring w/Switch, Turquoise (N.V. Green)

In modern physics, the photon is the elementary particle responsible for electromagnetic interactions and light (this according to Wikipedia). It also says that photons are massless, so I guess that means they weigh nothing.

The Photon Micro-Light II is about an 1 and 5/8 inches long (about 4 cm) and weighs about .25 of one ounce or less than 8 grams. That is just about nothing if you ask me.

With all this smallness you still get a powerful single diode light source, push button (on-off control) and a lock-on switch that allows you see around camp or read in your tent. They come in different light colors (blue light, red light, yellow light, white light) and I own all of them. Red supposedly is best for seeing at night. But honestly, I still like the brightness of basic white.

Take a Bunch

Since these are so lightweight, I put two and a dog tag ID, with a whistle on a lanyard and carry them around my neck on all backpacks.

This way you can turn one on while hanging from your neck and see into your cook pot after dark.

Also, it works well to hang it from inside your tent and use for reading. Not even an extreme ultralight backpacker could object to carrying one.

Be safe. Be light. Be one with the pack. 

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